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Envivio’s goal is to make the world’s video content universally enjoyable by all viewers, on any device, across any network, at any time. From live news and sports to catching up with a favorite TV series, Envivio makes it possible to deliver the video that people want—along with the branding and revenue-generating advertising businesses need—at the best possible quality to televisions, mobile phones, laptops and PCs, gaming devices and the latest tablets.

Start with Innovation
Envivio began in 2000 as an inventor of video encoding technology. We have since amassed dozens of patents as a pioneer in the video-over-IP technology that fuels today’s exciting new content delivery businesses. From the first H.264 encoder to the first encoder to simultaneously support multiple devices and networks, and from the first solution for protecting and delivering premium TV services to the iPhone and iPad through the complete reinvention of the video headend for a multi-screen world, Envivio sets the pace for the deployment of emerging standards and new technologies. The drive to innovate is fundamental to everything we do.

A Catalyst for New Business Opportunities
Using our encoding technology as a foundation, Envivio’s solutions enable content providers take advantage of modern networks in the delivery of live and on demand video services to subscribers. Today Envivio solutions deliver millions of content streams to hundreds of different styles of mobile devices, set-top boxes, and PC platforms on behalf of content owners, telecom operators, cable and satellite companies and mobile service providers throughout the world. Content owners, including the creators of online shows, studios, and TV networks, look to Envivio because we enable them to directly reach their viewing audience over the top of existing delivery networks. Telecom operators, cable and satellite companies and mobile new media service providers rely on Envivio to deliver to subscribers a growing variety of live channels and on demand viewing options.